Proofreading – Basic: A lighter touch. The final check of grammar, punctuation, and typos before printing. Checks copy for conformity to type specifications, ensures attractive typography by checking margins, word spacing, repetitive words, section breaks, etc.

Proofreading Galleys: Ensures manuscript adheres to required style, marks typeset copy word for word against a printed manuscript, identifies deviations for correction, and queries editorial errors.

Proofreading Scanned Books:  If you now have the rights to your previously published books and are planning to reissue them, it is important to know that once the book is scanned, peculiar errors will appear that need to be corrected. For example, the word “I” as in “I want…” is often scanned as the number “1”. There are also some bizarre markings that appear in the transition. I suggest you correct other errors, such as typos, missing words, etc. not caught prior to the first publication. 

NOTE: If you plan to reissue with substantial changes, such as new page material, seek publishing advice as this usually requires a new ISBN.

Includes basic proofreading and subject/verb agreement, cross-references, crosschecking text to tables and links, format consistency (numbering, headings, lettering, etc.), and rearranging paragraphs as needed.

NOTE: Unless requested, I do not change incorrect punctuation, add punctuation to delineate a restrictive clause (unless the change is needed to prevent confusion), change secondary spellings, existing footnotes, or endnote systems.

Fees are based on nationally accepted standards. Payment plans are available

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