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Guide to Writing Fiction


This class is similar to basic creative writing classes I’ve taught in the past.  It has four primary differences:

  1. Three classes instead of four.
  2. Four craft tools discussed.
  3. Only a wee bit of homework, no long writing projects.
  4. Look at writing and its relationship to art.

Created for the writers at all stages, this unique class employs classical art to tickle the little gray cells and jiggle loose new ideas. It is not a what but more of a why discussion. Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., September 12 – 26, Tuition $30, Materials fee $6, at Trinity Presbyterian Church educational building in Fairhope.

Is a story short? Is a story long? Is a story just write?

Should the puzzle be 25 or 500 or 1,000 pieces?

Do you need more than one character to have a story?

Is there a place where the story takes place? Or more than one?

How does the protagonist find the path through the story?

                                          Write like you mean it.   Mahala