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What is a “Faith-Based Book?” This question was posed to me from a Christian writer who used that expression when discussing a new book and got a rebuff from another writer. So I decided to do a little research and at first, everything I found supported the writer’s use of the definition. However, I couldn’t help but wonder why a book about the faiths of Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc. wasn’t referred to as a faith-based book.

Loving research and feeling a little small about thinking faith-based could only refer to Christian (which I am) writing, I changed a few words around on my internet search and discovered a far different take on the adjective. The search proved the point that a writer has an endless job to research every (not very realistic) aspect of their genre, marketing campaign, etc. As with my pondering on the original question, I also wondered how far and wide and deep and high the research had to go and a writer has to spin without always ending in an argument with someone. The answer is probably infinity, also not feasible.

Take a look at just a few of the sites I found and tell me what you think about the term “faith-based” that every Christian publisher I’ve found thus far uses to describe their books and publications

I’m not sure defining a book, especially for children (adults too actually) as Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhism, Islamic, etc. is a good idea since the basic tenets of most known religions teeter on what I know as the Golden Rule, and to exclude others may deny the material to an audience that might gain valuable knowledge of others and their beliefs, which just might be a good idea in these times of mass global confusion. {I realize that is a Faulknerian length sentence.}


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