If you’re looking for a practical, friendly, and professional editor, you found the right place!  Writers occasionally share with me their reluctance to use an editor, concerned that they will lose the voice in their work or the underlining theme of their companies. My primary objectives are to maintain the integrity of your work and your unique voice,  adding creative sparkle to drive readers and customers to your door.

Giving authors and other business professionals the competitive edge, elevating your writing from good to great tops my goal list. My credentials include 25 years as a fiction and non-fiction published author and editor, plus 20 years in nursing, corporate management, technical writing, and administration, which gives me a unique perspective into different types of writing and the hard work a writer faces to produce the written word.

Send me a message on the confidential contact form below if you want assistance with your work in progress or have questions about my editorial processes. Please provide information about your work, the genre, word count, digital writing needs, and business documents to be edited or rewritten, and let’s get busy!