Manuscript Evaluation

Type 1:  New writers often have similar problems such as muddled characters, wobbly story structures, meandering plots, bodacious backstories, and entangled redundancies. An overview manuscript evaluation helps them you see if you’re on the right or wrong track. It does not include line edits. You receive a written report that pinpoints your story’s strengths and weaknesses. It does not include specific suggestions on changes. Fees are based on nationally accepted standards. Payment plans are available.

Type 2: A full manuscript evaluation is a critique that not only identifies the areas in Manuscript Evaluation Type 1 but includes suggestions for alternate themes, organization, dialogue, sub-plots, descriptive passages, or tie-ins. It does not include line edits.

It includes the following assessments of the:

  • hook
  • inciting incident
  • areas of weakness
  • inconsistencies in the plot
  • character development
  • POV
  • dialogue
  • settings
  • pacing
  • transitions