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Whether you plan to submit to an agent or publisher or self-publish, you want your manuscript to have the competitive edge over the thousands of others in the submission stacks.

Writing, editing, and revising are equal partners in producing the best possible version of a manuscript. Solid editing strengthens the credibility of your work and heightens your opportunities, but given the hundreds of variables in the selection, a reputable editorial service does not guarantee success with a publisher or sales of self-published material. The majority of editing categories are the same for fiction and non-fiction. Those unique to nonfiction (NF) are tagged below.

Submissions Requirements: I accept hard copy and electronic submissions. All work must be formatted in Microsoft Word®, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced with first line indent of 0.3, and 1-inch margins. Manuscripts submitted in other fonts/formats will be rejected.

Hard-copy Submissions:  Single or double-sided pages are accepted. Editorial Notes are hand written on the manuscript and summarized in a written report. Clients are responsible for the payment of all postage costs to and from my office.

Electronic Submissions – Manuscripts may be sent as an e-mail attachment or on a thumb drive. Electronic submissions are edited with Microsoft Word® Track Changes unless other arrangements are made prior to initiating work. All changes or suggestions within the document are marked in color for easy recognition. Track Changes allows clients to accept or reject any suggestions more easily in the revision process. Unsolicited submissions are not opened.

Process: The general process to accept work for editing and writing includes:

1. A telephone consultation to ascertain expectations and explain editing and writing options. A submission of no less than the first 50 pages of lengthy manuscripts may be requested to fully determine the type and extent of work needed. A one time fee of $20 and all mailing costs to and from my office are required.

2. A second telephone consultation gives feedback on my findings after a review of the pages submitted. If I accept the work, the client receives a price quote based on the type and complexity of the work needed. If the client agrees to fees and submission requirements, I give an estimated completion date. For manuscripts of 75,000 pages or more, a signed agreement (statement of work) is required. This includes the terms for both the author and the editor.

3. If manuscripts are not accepted, or if the author chooses not to move forward with the project, I return all materials or shred them at the author’s request.

4. On completion of the full edit, the author receives a detailed written analysis of the work, including strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement, using industry standards for written fiction and nonfiction work.

Fees: The cost of editing depends on many factors—the length of the manuscript and the amount of work required to bring it to industry standards. Fees are based on those standards, calculating the number of pages edited in an hour. Fees range from $20.00 – $60.00 an hour based on the complexity and length of the work. We will work with your cost constraints and budget when negotiating and will develop a reasonable payment schedule with you.

For manuscripts over 50 pages or 75,000 words or a fee of $100, 50% of the fee is due at the start of the project with the balance due at completion. In special circumstances, I may accept an upfront percentage of the fee and monthly payments for the rest. All payments to be made in check or cash or via pay pal.

Ready to finish your book or project? Not sure what you need? Send me the information below and we’ll work together to figure it out.