A Special Thanks to Clients & Students

Mahala Church: Editor extraordinaire, bless you for putting up with my lack of skill in economy of words. You make me appear to be a real author. ~ Johnny Jacks, Absolute Anarchy

If you need an editor, I recommend Mahala Church. ~ Pamela Hill, Festival of Beasts

Loved your creativity and your flair for exciting sales copy.  This provider has proven to be a top notch professional. Excellent results.” ~ John Sommer Sommer-Time Stories 

Will you be sure to thank Mahala for me? I’ve seen a couple of her reviews show up on Goodreads…and they’re wonderful! My authors have even commented on what a good reviewer she is. Her reviews are so thoughtful and well-written. ~ Maryglenn McCombs, MM Book Publicity

To Mahala Church, you saw the work when it was so crude and rough and gave me such wonderful support, hand-holding and encouragement as we further sculpted what Ann and I began, and encouraged me to find the spiral Koru and add so many loving touches to the feel and overall structure. I will always be grateful to you for helping me polish the diamond in the rough it was when we first started working together. ~ Peace Within, Michael Brant DeMaria, Ph.D.

Was privileged to be a student in one of Mahala’s Creative Writing classes. A lot of excellent, well-prepared material presented in four classes. Inspirational and motivating. I would highly recommend Mahala’s classes. ~Roseanne Guilisano

I enjoyed very much the chapter of your book that you shared with the class. I got an impression of color and action–and events about to break. Your writing doesn’t just sit on the page but hops out at the reader. Even though a lot of people mention colors in their fiction, I don’t always get such a vivid impression of it. I surely did in yours. And the motion in your writing is powerful. The chapter roils with movement, topped off by your unfailing accuracy with the Southern culture and speech. If that’s the first chapter, goodness knows what will happen in the rest of the book   ~ Susan Grande

The class was wonderful and ANYONE who is just thinking about learning to write should take your class! Theda Eurick

Quality work on a timely basis. We would definitely use again. Nice job!” ~John Sommer, Advance Publishing

Mahala is a good reader, which allows her to be a good editor. She can put herself into the work as Dear Reader, experiencing the story in the way your future readers will, as well as turning the pen as Earnest Author, providing good suggestions for telling the story better. Mahala has a very strong work ethic and provides high value at a reasonable cost. Very professional. You won’t be disappointed. ~Paul Presley, Iris Algorithm