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Edit Your Novel – 9 Modules

Barefoot Writing Academy is offering a unique editing course that includes nine modules that take you through the steps literary agents and acquisition editors use to evaluate your work—that one chance you get to convince them to keep turning pages. Each module also discusses genre differences such as the use of tension/conflict in commercial fiction vs. literary fiction.

A quote from Chuck Sambuchino, a Writer’s Digest editor, is one of my favorites, and it’s one too many authors ignore in their rush to get their “baby” published.

“If you think your story has a problem, it does – and any story with a problem is not ready.” ~ Chuck Sambuchino

Writing a book is a staggeringly personal undertaking. You began your quest to produce a story that is compelling and speaks to others, definitely a book that sells. A good editor respects the integrity of your work, your voice. But what is your voice and how does it filter into every aspect of your book?

You have invested an enormous amount of time, thought, and tenacity on which you’ve penned (Yes, that’s a pun.) invested your hopes and dreams, so “The End” is not a signal to rush wildly into the next step. Take a deep breath and begin a solid revision using these steps to step up your book’s status then pass it on to a good editor who will give it the tender loving care it needs.

If you’re new at the writing game—and a game it is—do you know that publishers assign more than one in-house editor to polish an established authors work before it hits the presses? Why presume your work is the one in ten billion (I made that number up.) doesn’t need an editor to assist in the revision process?

March 9 Free Mini Class introduces you to the process and two parts of the Setting Module.  Registration is required. See process below.
April 6 – May 4: Two modules provided weekly via webinar on Youtube.

♦    9 Modules   ♦

♦   Characters                    ♦   Plot         
♦   Dialogue                         ♦   Setting/Grounding
♦   Point of View                ♦   Tension/Conflict
♦   Voice                                 ♦   Pacing
♦   Grammar/Punctuation

The 9 Modules will be presented in the order above going down the left column and then the right with grammar last. Should you take one module and decide to opt into others, that be accommodated provided the module is yet to be presented.

You work at your own pace and may pose questions to me or to the class as a whole. I will combine the questions and the answers and post them with the next module via email.

There is no homework to be submitted.  The videos will be available for a limited time to the class members. (still working that out)

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  • Fee is $30 a module or ALL 9 modules for $200.00 (a savings of $70.)
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