Barefoot Writing Academy

Barefoot Writing Academy is a division of Written Word and offers creative writing classes for beginning and intermediate authors and entrepreneurs. Our primary goal is to motivate authors to infuse their work with excellence, creating words on the page that have value and invite readers to experience the work. Writing with value lets your readers experience the work in a meaningful way.

The goals for BWA’s classes are to stimulate the imagination and ignite a passion for writing a good story. Writers learn to write with substance, get to know their characters, envision settings, and take readers on a unique trek across the pages.

Today’s heightened social networking bombards writers with sensory overload and a push to get work published regardless of the quality of the material.  Writers must decide what they want the reader to see, know, and learn and why those things matter, and then share information clearly. BWA stresses the fundamentals of clear, succinct writing as the quality touchstone to produce successful fiction, non-fiction, technical, and business writing. BWA also teaches the effective writing for blogs and websites that necessitate brevity and clarity.

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